Praying 40 Days to Freedom — Day 26

September 5 (Day 26) — Pray today for Todd’s physical, emotional, and spiritual stamina. The oppressive heat and humidity can drain the strongest person of strength. Madang Province sits 5 degrees 28 minutes south of the equator and the rainfall (at Uria) is an amazing 190 inches of rain a year. Pray that Todd won’t pick up any amoebic, malarial, or fungal infections. Pray that despite the radical change in time zone, diet, and environment, he will be able to sleep well and function at prime capacity, feeling rested and strong. The cultural and spiritual landscape is populated with enough change, threat, and adjustment that the average missionary (or visitor) can tire easily. Pray that through all the adjustment, Todd will be attuned to the still, small voice; attentive and yielded.

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