Praying 40 Days to Freedom — Day 15

August 25 (Day 15) — Sunday. “Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.” (Mark 6:31) In Papua New Guinea people rarely do things alone. Jesus, here tired and need to restore his inner man, invited his closest followers away to a quiet place to rest. Pray today for the missionary community, for the Christian leaders, and for those heavily involved in the war for the souls of men and women. Ask God to give them wisdom to take rest when it is needed. Ask God to bless their times of rest, making them useful for restoring the soul. Pray that for those in Madang, when they need to rest, power will be on so that fans can run, air conditioners can run (for the office), even the cricket match on telly (some relax to sports) can be viewed. Also ask God to reach down to the depths of the missionaries’ souls and do His work of healing and empowering. Pray also that God will minister deeply to them through the power of his mighty Word in their own heart language.

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