Please Pray: December 10, 2013

December 3 we asked for special prayer, noting that the level of spiritual warfare had greatly increased since beginning this 40 day season. This week we ask that you continue to pray with increased fervor. We are indeed beginning to experience some relief from the intense onslaught, though admittedly it feels as though it might be the deep breath before the plunge into deeper water. Please pray.


As you pray:

  • Ask God for victory over the deceiver who desires only to kill, steal, and destroy.
  • Ask God to empower and thoroughly equip us spiritually to stand in the evil day and to overcome the enemy by our testimony and by the blood of Jesus.
  • Ask God to give us wisdom and boldness to invest ourselves in activities and strategies that will accomplish God’s purposes for this ministry.
  • Ask God to provide for the needs of our ministry, that we might be able to leave for Papua New Guinea in July 2014.
  • Thank God for his mercy and kindness to us in providing a $100 per month ministry partner this week.
  • Thank God for providing new prayer partners this week.
  • Thank God for carrying us through trial and tribulation and bringing us safely thus far.

Thank you, friends, for your ongoing prayers.



2 Responses to “Please Pray: December 10, 2013

  • OraLee Nischan
    7 years ago

    I am Rich Nischan’s wife. Rich brought me home a copy of a note that was sent to the finance department and shared by Linda Beth S. You were looking for 40 new prayer partners. I would like tto be one of those if you can still use one. I do not know how often I will writ back to you, but I will pray about requests you have.

    My e-mail is listed above. Sorry I am so late.

    • toddaowen
      7 years ago

      Honored to have you praying along with us. Thank you for joining to team. We are thanking God for you today.

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