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Prayer is a vital activity in advancing the Kingdom of God. Christians are called upon to be constant in praying for enemies, for governments, for authorities, for fellow believers, for open doors, for boldness, etc. Christians are called upon to be devoted to prayer.


Even with all the Bible passages that direct us to pray, many of us struggle knowing how to pray enemies or governments or fellow believers or, as in our case, missionaries. Not knowing how to pray often kills motivation to try. Don’t give up! One helpful means of discovering how to pray is to use a prayer guide. Click here or on the image to download a prayer guide to assist you in praying for the people involved in the translation of the Somau Garia New Testament.


Thank you for joining us in making the scripture accessible to the Somau Garia people!


Praying 40 Days to Freedom — Day 2

August 12 (Day 2)  — Monday. The Owen family (except for Andrew) is on the road today, heading north to take Samuel to Ozark Christian College for his first year of Bible college. This is the inaugural act in breaking the sweet fellowship we’ve known for 19 of our 22 years of marriage. Pray for Samuel as he lives away from home for the first time, as he learns new things about the Bible, the Christian life, and himself. Pray for all of us as we manage feelings of loss and as we grieve (and celebrate) this monumental change. Ask God to bless Andrew at home, working and attending classes at Edison State College where he is a student. Ask God to bless our journey and to keep our SUV running for the trip.



Praying 40 Days to Freedom — Day 1

August 11 (Day 1)  — Sunday morning always brings with it a bit of anticipation. What will God do in our midst today? What will He show us through the Word and the Spirit to help us grow up in Him? Today marks the beginning of a season of prayer during which we are going to call on the name of the Lord, asking him to break through strongholds in heavenly places, shake the foundations of cultures, arrest the attention of people needing to walk with Him. Put on your spiritual armor today as you pray for the Aruamu people. Ask God to prepare hearts for the coming crusade. Ask God to turn their hearts toward Him in anticipation of this special time. Ask God to allow these people to acutely feel their deep, spiritual need.