Please Pray: December 17, 2013


It has been a full week since last posting in Please Pray. Yesterday, our oldest daughter, Abigail, turned 16 years old. (How is this possible?) Also yesterday Angela, Josie, and I got up early and drove to Tampa to pick up Samuel, who rode down from Missouri with a friend for Christmas break. For the first time in several months all of our kids slept under one roof (their mother was very happy). And as I read our prayer requests from December 10, I understand my restlessness in the middle of the night last night, and the things that God brought to mind in those quiet hours of early morning.

During this season (40 Days to Getting the Word Out, concluding on New Year’s Eve, 2013) we have been asking you to pray for many, many things. Our idea was to recruit 40 new monthly financial partners, 40 new prayer partners, and 40 one-time donors to help provide for one time expenses. The results have been lackluster, but not without merit.

First, we have seen several new prayer partners join the team. This is important and foundational to transformational ministry. We have added a few financial partners, which is also encouraging. One of the profoundly impactful results, though, stems from prayers offered in response to the requests given last Tuesday, December 10.

  • Ask God for victory over the deceiver who desires only to kill, steal, and destroy.
  • Ask God to empower and thoroughly equip us spiritually to stand in the evil day and to overcome the enemy by our testimony and by the blood of Jesus.
  • Ask God to give us wisdom and boldness to invest ourselves in activities and strategies that will accomplish God’s purposes for this ministry.

This week our heavenly Father has dealt very graciously with us in answering these prayers. At the foundational level, the diabolical kingdom has sought to remove us from the battle by means of deception, discouragement, and diversion from the goal at hand. We have experienced a lot of victory these week on all fronts, being equipped and empowered by the Holy Spirit to stand against the onslaught. We also believe that God has given us wisdom on next steps and strategies to accomplishing completion of this phase of ministry and getting on the field again. Please continue to pray.

As you pray:

  • Ask God to grant wisdom and clarity in planning the next steps.
  • Ask God to grant influence and voice in telling the story and inspiring others to highly impact an entire people.
  • Ask God to continue to stand us up in the evil day and to prevail.
  • Ask God to protect our Somau Garia co-workers from harm, both physically and spiritually.
  • Thank God for gracious gifts of wisdom and energy.
  • Thank God for allowing our family to be together again for a time.
  • Thank God for providing new prayer partners this week.

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