Please Pray–January 7, 2014

Happy New Year, Friends!

We find ourselves this week working on some of the finer details of getting back to Papua New Guinea: paperwork, planning, and pursuing resources. This is the inglorious side of mission life, I’m afraid and probably among the tasks I (Todd) least enjoy. Nonetheless, it all has to get done. I am thanking God today for my wife who is definitely helping me stay on task.

As you pray:

  • Ask God to continue to grant us His grace and mercy in the daily grind.
  • Ask God to continue to open our eyes, minds, and hearts to the things that He desires for us to be aware of, to deal with, and to prepare for.
  • Ask God to grant safe travel for our son, Samuel, who is returning to college this week.

Thank God:

  • For healing for our family. We were sick with whatever was going around over the holidays.
  • For fresh energy for us as we launch 2014 with enthusiasm and optimism.
  • For the opportunity to re-engage the Somau Garia translation of the New Testament.

Thank you for sharing in our lives and ministry. Blessings, All!

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