Praying 40 Days to Freedom — Day 30

September 9 (Day 30) — Monday. The battle is intensifying. Pray diligently for this day. Todd is trying to make his way back to town by Public Motor Vehicle. Marsha and team are finishing preparations. The preparations of months are culminating in the coming journey north on the coastal highway toward Tiap. Pray that the preparations will be completed in good order and that the team will get some much needed rest before tomorrow’s journey. Pray that the vehicles that have been arranged will be on hand and ready. Pray for peace in each heart. Pray that as we travel to Tiap, Aruamu hearts will be prepared and in anticipation of the events of the coming days. Ask God to impart a strong sense of expectancy in the hearts of those attending the events—expectancy that God is going to “show up” and move powerfully.


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